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Compassionate care, not just clever care #1

Jul 15, 2020

Dr Bronnie Lennox Thompson and I  talk Psychologically-informed therapy

 I had the great pleasure of chatting to the lovely Dr Bronnie Thompson last week. 

Bronnie is an Occupational Therapist PhD from New Zealand.  She has practiced in interdisciplinary pain management programmes, private practice, case management, primary prevention and secondary prevention.  Since 2002 she has been teaching postgraduate students in pain and pain management at Otago University.

Her main interest areas include pain and anxiety, motivation for self-management, resilience and daily coping choices.

My next chat in this series will be on my Facebook - click this link page as well as the clinic facebook (link) page and LIVE on Thursday 23rd July at 9pm (NL time, 8pm UK time and 2pm Central U.S time).  I will be joined Rachel Hayden from Wisconsin, U.S.A and Jack Holroyde, UK, to discuss the challenges the LGBTQ+ community face when accessing healthcare and the specific barriers to access that transgender people experience. 

Providing safe, inclusive and compassionate care for members of the LGBTQ+ community is a public health issue that we as clinicians should be talking about.  Setting aside our own agendas and remembering that we are in the business of supporting people to live well. 


Watch our chat here: 


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