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Compassionate care, not just clever care #2

Jul 29, 2020

Last week I was joined on my FB live by Rachel Hayden and Jack Holroyde to explore the obstacles and barriers to accessing Musculoskeletal Health Care (often delivered by a Physiotherapist) and how can improve our spaces to make them safer for transgender people and more inclusive generally of the non-binary and LGBTQ+ community. 

Rachel is is in transition, learning about gender and herself simultaneously. As a peer supporter and bodywork therapist, her recent explorations of pain science and critical thinking have led her smack into a confrontation with personal authenticity. She now seeks to live from that ambiguous, evolving truth, both as practitioner and as a complete human being.

Jack is a lifelong LGBTQ+ rights advocate who has held a number of directorships and elected positions within the UK LGBTQ+ community before he qualified as a physio in 2018.

He became passionate about Trans rights and representation in 2009 while representing an LGBT Youth organisation in the consultations leading up to the Equality Act 2010, and witnessing the  suffering many trans people go through in early life. After qualifying as a physio at St Georges in London, he joined Connect Health to develop his skills around preventative and public health, and has taken an interest in pain management within this context.
Our hope in bringing this chat to you is that we raise the awareness of issues that affect transgender people and start the process of learning and change that is needed within our healthcare systems and delivery.

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