The struggle

*Image and story shared with permission and anonymised*

This image is not the end of treatment for this person, but an achievement we are celebrating.  It is part of a long piece of work, is not without pain, and should not be taken out of that context. 

A picture can say a thousand different words to a thousand different people, but when a client shared this image with me it spoke to me.

On the one hand, this is image is a person running through a beautiful part of the land within which they live.  Enjoying a family jog in the sun, full of the joys and the knowledge that they are sharing their passion with their young children - and with each other.  To passers by they are expressing their identity as a family committed to exercise and the outdoors. Individually, they are embracing and living their values as people that love to run.

And yet there's pain. 

There has been pain.

And there is the uncertainty of what the future of that pain may be.

How might a...

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