Coaching for clinicians

Helping you navigate change, find new skills and explore the science

Why would you choose for coaching? 

Coaching for your own clinical practice is as flexible as you need it to be to achieve your personal and/or professional goals.

Unlike supervision and mentoring models, coaching is a whole-person approach to supporting someone's growth in an area that they would like to see change. 

Weaving together supervision and mentoring as well as compasison-focused whole-person approaches, we will create a space for you to explore what you want to achieve as a clinician, and the steps to get you there.

At its essence, coaching is about building awareness and empowering choices leading to change. 

Who should collaborate with me?

I love supporting clinicians to take the paradigmatic leap out of the tradidiotnal, biomedical approach to a fully realised, confident and authentic whole-person approach to care. 

Exploring psychologically-informed models, social determinants of health, social justice, modern science of pain and developing your own, sustainable, personal practice. 

So if you notice that you are struggling to find support to create person-centred and compassionate care, then collaborating with me could support you to find your own voice and develop the practice you want.

How to get started


The most important thing is that you feel collaborating with me is a good match for you and what you want to achieve with your MSK practice for people experiencing pain. 

For this reason, I offer a free introduction appointment of 20 minutes. We can get to know each other and start to explore what it is that you want to work towards.

Send a short email to [email protected] to register your interest.

Sessions cost: €150 

Typically last 1hour

Due to demand, I now limit each period of coaching to 12 sessions.

My apologies, but there is currently a waiting list of approximately 4 months. If you would like your name to be placed on the waiting list get in touch. I ask for a €150 deposit from the moment you confirm that you would like to collaborate. 


I feel I have found someone with whom I can truly express my thought-processes to as a physio trying to practice within the bio-pyscho-social model


Truly working within the bio-psycho-social modal requires a great deal of understanding, reflection, and flexibility within our mindsets and approaches. Laura embraces all of these qualities and is extremely helpful.


Laura considers what I’m saying and helps me to sort out some of the difficulties I experience due to the complexities of this type of work.

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