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Weesp -> Doordrecht  78km

This year I take on my very first cycle challenge as I cycle to Doordrecht and camp in the national park.

Bike Trip

I'm really excited to take on this travel for so many reasons, but really this is actually just practicel.  In June 2023 my partner and I separated. We have decided to "Bird-Nest" meaning that the children's permanent residence is our home in weesp. I will for the most part be living with the children, but my partner will swap in with me every weekend. For two months we found a flat that we could use as we planned our seperation and it allowed it us to practice bird-nesting. But from the end of August he will have to move back with his family, meaning that I will have no-where to stay on weekends - I do not plan on staying with his family if i can avoid it - they are lovely people, but I don't think i can be that vulnerable.

So I will have to find another plan for my weekends off. During the warmer months, I am considering using my beloved bike to cycle out to campsites and enjoy walking and sight seeing. During the colder months I am likely to use hostels or couch surfing, or perhaps kind friends!

I've always wanted to live a kind of noamdic lifestyle ever since I first went backpacking as a teen, so let's see what happens.

For this first weekend, I will cycle down tot he nature reserve in Doordrecht, spend 2 nights and then travel back up to Weesp.

The nice thing about htis trip is if I "bonk" out and can't cycle back, I can take the train part or all of the way. So, it feels less risky. 

The Cycle

Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 17.53.46.png

As I'm doing this on a super mega budget, I will be camping and hoping to get there on my own steam!

78km is a particularly long distance to cycle and I have never cycled this far before, but, fortunately my neurodiversity has equipped with a "It'll probably be fine' kind of approach to life and honestly it's served me well for 38 years so...why stop trusting it now?

I regularly cyle the 18km in and out of Amsterdam on my Oma fiets and well, how much more can this be really?? Answers in the blog post I write after it!

Nationaal Park De Biesbosch

I'm looking forward to seeing the National Park (Nationaal Park De Biesbosch) and exploring the surrounding area. 

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