Philosophers chatting with Clinicians

Philosophers chatting with Clinicians

Hosted by: Laura Rathbone

MISSION: to bridge the gap between philosophy and clinical practice ... 🎙A podcast bringing one philosopher and one clinician together in conversation



Season #2

Episode SIX of Philsophers Chatting with Clinicians welcomes Philosophy welcomes Dr Theresa Aoko Otieno and Otieno Martin Ong'Wen to discuss health and pain through the sociao-cultural lens and what we can learn about...
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Season #2 Episode #7

EPISODE 5 with Philosopher Dr Rani Lill Anjum from the Cause Health Project chatting with Psychologist Dr Shreena Unadkat.   This episode is packed with challenging information about what we call science, how we...
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4. #JuMi

Season #2 Episode #6

After a long break from publishing episodes I am happy to announce the return of Philosophers Chatting with Clinicians and this is a great episode to come back on! This was a live recording of a collaboration session...
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3. MaKa

Season #1 Episode #5

Here we go folks! Episode 3 is now available.  I chat with philosopher Mark Miller, who kindly joined us in the early morning from Canada, and psychologist Katinka Damen, from the Netherlands. A great chat that...
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Season #1 Episode #4

EPISODE TWO of Philosophers chatting with Clinicians bringing Julian Kiverstein and Tim Cocks together!  
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Season #1 Episode #3

In this, the first episode of Philosophers chatting with Clinicians, Adam Shriver and Roger Kerry discuss the role of philosophy within clinical practice, the challenges of being a philosopher and those of being a...
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