4. #JuMi

Season #2 Episode #6

After a long break from publishing episodes I am happy to announce the return of Philosophers Chatting with Clinicians and this is a great episode to come back on!

This was a live recording of a collaboration session between Philosophers Chatting with Clinicians and another project that I work with: Le Pub Scientifique

This was one of our very first virtual sessions for Le Pub Scientifique Home Brew following the COVID-19 restrictions in May 2020, when so many of our in-person educational courses, meetings and gatherings were cancelled. 

So here you have a conversation between Philosopher Julian Kiverstein and Physiotherapist and Professor, Mick Thacker. During this wonderful convesation they explore phenomenology, embodied cognition and predictive processing applied to the experience of pain.

Joined by some friends and colleagues, philosopher Mark Miller and Clinicians Time Beames, Bart van Buchem, Morten Høgh and Tim Cocks, you will hear some interesting and maybe even challenging ideas for understanding pain as well as a few laughs. 


It's quite a long one at just under two hours, but it is so so worth it.