Philosophers chatting with Clinicians

Philosophers chatting with Clinicians

Hosted by: Laura Rathbone

MISSION: to bridge the gap between philosophy and clinical practice ... 🎙A podcast bringing one philosopher and one clinician together in conversation


3. MaKa

Season #1 Episode #5

Here we go folks! Episode 3 is now available.  I chat with philosopher Mark Miller, who kindly joined us in the early morning from Canada, and psychologist Katinka Damen, from the Netherlands. A great chat that...
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Season #1 Episode #4

EPISODE TWO of Philosophers chatting with Clinicians bringing Julian Kiverstein and Tim Cocks together!  
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Season #1 Episode #3

In this, the first episode of Philosophers chatting with Clinicians, Adam Shriver and Roger Kerry discuss the role of philosophy within clinical practice, the challenges of being a philosopher and those of being a...
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