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The Speak Easy is a private and exclusive LIVE RECORDED podcast for Subscribers and will bring you not only the most exciting and interesting clinicians and voices working in pain, but also people from outside of the healthcare bubble and algorithm that can help progress our field and take the conversation new and necessary areas.

Each episode is recorded live and Subscribers will get their exclusive backstage pass to watch and ask questions as the discussion to progresses.

Healthcare was developed through the lens of patriarchy and colonisation under the science of reductionism and biomedicalism. We will be exploring how we bring healthcare into a progressive, inclusive and diverse system and what that might look like.

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As part of The Subscription, I will be releasing a new course for your every year, and for those of you in the Ultimate Subscription, we will be opening up discussion channels to explore this work as a community. 

Suggestions for In The Speak Easy Podcast

Do you have an area you would like me to tackle? Send your suggestions to [email protected] and put "The Speak Easy" in the subject field. 

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