Consultation services


mono and multi-disciplinary

clinical teams

Multi-disciplinary team consuting services may be the right option for your team if you are struggling with:

  • Integration of cross-disciplinary skills
  • Inter-disciplinary conflict/friction
  • Different knowledge levels between disciplines and across the team
  • Transitioning to a BioPsychoSocial framework of care
  • Promoting psychologically-informed practice across your team
  • Transitioning to online / virtual services

Laura can support you as a team to recognise the obstacles that you face and find solutions that are meaningful and effective for you.

Case study

Laura was invited to deliver a bespoke course to the multi-disciplinary pain team situated at Tolbrug, the expert centre for rehabilitation services in the region of 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands.

After spending the morning observing services, Laura facilitated a workshop exploring how therapeutic pain education could sit within an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy-based unit. She was given permission by the Neuro Orthopaedic Institute, which produce the Explain Pain handbook, to use elements of the official teaching material to support the learning of the team.

Integrating education with ACT can seem incongruent, but exploring models of andragodgy (the teaching of adults), it is possible to integrate these two approaches well.

"Laura not only knows a lot about ACT, but also fully embraces it in her own working method.

Laura knew exactly how to meet our needs, switched seamlessly to questions, and had an entertaining way of presenting that took away any resistance.

Armed with a ball of wool, she managed to explain to us the neuromatrix of pain in a way that was understood by everyone.

From minute to minute she continued to propagate, explain and connect both ACT and Therapeutic Pain Education techniques.

Her expertise in combination with her talent for pedagogy made it look easy, even with the more complex material.

This was so inspiring for us and such a beautiful example of how to communicate things to patients, that our bears on the road took the hazy path and we started the implementation with energy.

The most important thing we learned from Laura is to stay psychologically flexible and feel free to experiment.

We recommend Laura to anyone who gets stuck in a process or who wants to move more successfully towards set goals." 

Katinka Damen, Clinical Psychologist, Tolbrug

In-person courses and tailored courses

Laura teaches Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to physical health therapists all over the world online - ACT in the clinic. If you would like to host this as a closed-course for your team then get in touch.

It is also possible to collaborate on a bespoke course that is tailored to your clinical and team needs.

Laura is skilled at facilitating groups on:

  • the current physiology of pain
  • the role of psychotherapy in physical therapies
  • narrative approaches to medicine/pain care
  • embodied cognition and what it means for pain care

To get in touch, please send an email to:

[email protected]

VIRTUAL and LIVE courses and workshops

The COVID-19 has pushed many clinicians into the virtual space. Laura has long been an advocate of online services. She is both comfortable and highly skilled at delivering content and teaching in this way. 

As a fully trained Journalist in her 'life-before-physio', Laura is an expert communicator and skilled at production across mediums. 


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