Specialised Pain Care Mentoring&Education


Specialised services for the management and understanding of persistent pain

Laura Rathbone has been working exclusively with people experiencing persistent (previously called 'chronic') pain for most of career. After qualifying as a Physiotherapist back in 2011, she embarked upon her journey to specialise and train with the best in the science and treatment of pain. She now collaborates with people experiencing pain all over the world in her 'virtual' coaching clinic and offers face-face appointment in her beautiful clinic set in Weesp, by Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a 3rd-wave Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy (CBT) that is open for all clinicians to integrate into their practice. 

ACT is well-evidenced in helping people manage their persistent (chronic) pain.

Laura trained in this framework whilst working at one of the UK's national units for pain management at St Thomas' Hospital, London.  

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Whole-person care because people pain

Laura has trained across professions in order to widen her clinical perspective.  She has worked as a nursing assistant in hospitals, a physiotherapist, embedded in a psychology-led clinical team and as a mindfulness and yoga instructor.

Laura commits to seeing every one as a person, not a diagnosis.

She is currently up-skilling in pelvic pain in order to deliver specialised care for people experiencing pelvic pain.

Integrating the science of pain

Laura studied the science of pain at the eminent Kings' College, London whilst completing her Masters in Advanced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy.  

She is a member of IASP, the global research producer on the science of pain and an advanced manual therapists and member of the MACP.

She delivers education at under- and post-graduate level and produces the podcast: "Philosophers chatting with Clinicians"

Blog: philosophy in the practice

An exploration of my practice and the question: "What is pain"?

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