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Laura Rathbone Ba BSc MSc MACP

Pain Specialist and Educator

I'm a proud Bi cis-woman and have a lovely family with my co-parent and ex-husband.

We have two young children who remind us that play is not a luxury, but essential! Navigating a child-centred divorce has been an opportunity for further growth and self-compassion as well as a greater understanding of what this life-experience asks of us as people.

I love to cycle through the Dutch farmlands and swim in the rivers - I especially love enjoying the large slice of apple pie that usually comes with it!

My lust for life really comes from travelling and meeting new people. I especially love meeting people interested in pain and dedicated to this field of healthcare at the various conferences around the world I attend, where I can stay up to date with the latest research and evidence in my field.

I volunteered for a Trans health charity hear in the Nethelrands during 2023 and helped to facilitate loving gender-affirming spaces for Trans, Non-Binary and Gender-Questioning folk to connect and support each other.

I am currently the Communications Officer for the LGBTQIA+ network of the UK physiotherapy professional body and union The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP).

I bring my body-positive and sex-positive philosophy to my work and enjoy supporting people to live their life free from pain and shame.

A Bit About My Work

I am fascinated and dedicated to sharing the science and philosophy of pain with the aim of supporting more clinicians to work with an evidence-based whole-person approach.


I am a qualified Physiotherapist and Manual Therapist and work across multiple contexts and locations in Amsterdam. My work is pain-specialised, psychologically and trauma informed, and dedicated to supporting people who find themselves living in complex situations where healthcare requires a multi-modal and personalised approach:

  • Kuria Hospice in Amsterdam to support their patients with palliative pain therapy/management

  •  Specialised-CRPS clinic 2 days per week at Fysio Zuidereng (Amsterdam)  (referrals and self-referrals welcome)

  • OLVG Oost pijn poli (dedicated physiotherapist supporting OLVG patients only - Contract in-negotiation and starting ASAP)

I am a mutli-disciplinary clinical coach for medics, therapists and clinicians at early-phase specialisation in pain or who are specialised in pain and looking for on-going professional support and supervision.

Several times a year I teach my own course "ACT in the Clinic" or with the NOI Group to teach GMI in dutch/English).

I completed my MSc in Advanced Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy at Kings' College, London where I explored the philosophy and complexity of pain more deeply.


I qualified as a Journalist before studying Physiotherapy and weave together skills and knowledge from both professions, alongside my further training in psychological approaches, to hold a wide practice for supporting with pain.


I am deeply interested in the role of literature, art, language, and communication in healthcare. I bring this interest and these skills to my podcast 'Philosophers Chatting with Clinicians' (available on spotify), my teaching and community of clinicians called The Clinical Coaching Pod, and I founded the international reading community 'Pain Geeks' which I now run with my business partner Christine Petrides.



Kiverstein, J., Rathbone, L. and Thacker, M., 2021 WHY THERAPISTS NEED A PHILOSOPHY OF PAIN. Published on NOIjam:


Speaking and Teaching

2024 Coming up GMI with Noi Group

Amsterdam (Haarlem), Netherlands

2024 Coming up ACT in the Clinic (2-day training) In-Person with NEXT Academy

Antwerp, Belgium

2024: Coming up "Why do therapists need a philosophy on pain?" KeyNote Speaker invited by mehiläinen fysioterapia

Tampere, Finland

2024: Coming up ACT in the Clinic 8hour intro with mehiläinen fysioterapia

Tampere, Finland

2024 GMI with Noi Group

Amsterdam (Haarlem), Netherlands

2023 ACT for Allied Health Therapists - 8hour course (aimed at therapists none psychology-trained therapists working with patients experiencing pain

The London Clinic

2023 Guest lecture: Vrije Universiteit MSc Psychology

  • Biopsychosocial model and beyond

  • Education and psychotherapy for persistent pain

2023 The Role of  the Humanities:  Exploring New and Classic Resources About Pain

The British Pain Society: The Philosophy and Ethics Special Interest Group

Annual Summer Retreat

2023 Pain care is social justice work: Three years of Pain Geeks - where are we now?

The British Pain Society: The Philosophy and Ethics Special Interest Group

To attend this talk please email


2023 Introduction to ACT for MSK physiotherapists

Kingscross Community Care Centre, Dundee

2023 The beingness of pain

Lecture delivered to artists involved in There's a Pain in my Heart Project


2023 San Diego Pain Summit

Topic: 5e Predictive Processing: Pain and Practice


2022 Physiotherapy Back to the Future Conference

Groningen, Netherlands

Talk: Psych-informed Physiotherapy: past, present and future


2022 Guest lecture: Vrije Universiteit MSc Psychology

Pain and 3rd wave CBT

The Biopsychosocial model


2020 - present Returning Guest Lecturer at Nottingham University

Sessions: Pain Assessment and Pain Conditions such as CRPS, FMS and Neuropathic pain


2021 Guest lecture: Vrije Universiteit MSc Psychology

Pain and 3rd wave CBT


2021 Being Human With Pain

Department wide training

Tolbrug Revalidatie Centrum

A 15 hour tailored teaching combining philosophy, compassion and promoting self-directed learning to our patients

2021 HAN International week: delivered on narrative approaches to therapy


2020 San Diego Pain Summit EAST

Topic: “So what about us? How Psychologically Flexible Are We?”

To be held as a virtual summit


2020 - 2022 ACT in the Clinic: 15 hour 4-part modular course for non- psychologists (virtual) every 2-3 months


2020 Guest lecture: Pain and 3rd wave CBT

Vrije Universiteit MSc Psychology


2020 Trust-Me Ed recorded workshop on ACT: Quick and Dirty


2020 Pain Toolkit Webinar: ACT and pain


2020 HAN Mini Symposium: delivered on privilege and discomfort


2020 HAN International week: delivered on narrative approaches to therapy


2019 An intro to ACT delivered to Multidisciplinary team at Novadic- Kentron, specialised in working with pain related addiction


2019 Integrating Therapeutic Education with ACT delivered to the multi- disciplinary team at Tolbrug Revalidatie Centrum


2019 Pain series of two workshops co-delivered to the students of the Leiden Hogeschool


2019 Guest Lecture: Psychosocial aspects of persistent neck and back pain. Vrije Universiteit MSc Psychology


2018 Pain series of two workshops co-delivered to the students of the Leiden Hogeschool


UK and NHS in-service training delivered on:

  • Placebo and Nocebo effect in practice

  • Post-Polio Pain Management

  • ACT in Physiotherapy 

  • BPS assessment of complex cases

  • Mindfulness as an adjunct to MSK Physiotherapy

  • CRPS an update: Physiology and Physiotherapy

  • Manual techniques for the lower back (King’s College University, 2nd year BSc students)

Work Experience

Current role

St Thomas' Hospital London
INPUT pain management

Queen Mary's Hopsital, Sidcup
Physiotherapy Outpatients

Various GP practices
 around London
Independnet Physitoherapy services

2008 - 2011
Blackpool Victoria Hospital

Highly specialised and internationally recognised pain therapist, educator, guest lecturer and speaker.  Beginning my research journey.

Pain Specialist Psychologically-informed Physiotherapist

Multi-Disciplinary assessment and delivery of pain services for complex persistent pain

Senior NMSK Physiotherapist with a special interest in complex pain

Diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation services for people with NMSK conditions, design, management and facilitation of the functional rehabilitation programme for people with persistent pain

Independent Physiotherapy assessment and triage of people with injury and body-based pain. Close working with the local GPs and inter-disciplinary services to support people with complex persistent pain

Health Care Assistant (Axillary Nurse) caring for patients across medical settings including: general medicine, general surgery, paediatrics and Accident and Emergency.

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