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Pain Coach

Acceptance and Commitment


I have been studying pain for 13 years. 

My fascination and commitment to pain probably comes from being a child watching m y mother go through daily and disabling low back pain. Seeing her struggle to find relief, go through phases of feeling confused, angry and depressed whilst also going to work everyday and provide a home full of love has left a huge impression on me as an adult and clinician. 

I bring this compassion and empathy into my clinic everyday and it is what guides me to remembering that a person in pain is exactly that.  A person.  

Someone with commitments, joys, losses and dreams. 

In my clinic your pain will never be doubted and will always be validated. As we take steps forward, they will be decided together and always in service of your goals and the direction you want to be heading towards as a person experiencing persistent pain.

The most important thing, I will always be honest about what is appropriate to expect, where we are in understanding and treating persistent pain and what I can and can't do to support you. 

Balancing roles

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