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Raising Awareness Challenges and Sponsorship

“The roughest roads often lead to the top.”
― Christina Aguilera

Welcome to my planning page for challenges to raise awareness of chronic pain conditions and opportunities to raise money for the charities who support with these diagnoses. 

On here you will see my rough plans for future challenges as well as pages with more detailed prep and plans and how you can give money to specific charities.

I'm on my own journey towards healing after post-natal depression, being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and finding out I am neurodivers (ADHD).  I've had personal struggles in finding myself after moving from London to Amsterdam in the Netherlands and I am excited to bring together opportunities to reclaim my power with raising awareness for causes that support me and the people I work with in The Pain Clinic.

In June my partner and I separated and made the decision to "bird-nest" at home, meaning that the children will live permanently in the home we built, and my partner and I will swap in and out on the weekends. Through the summer we have been able to use a flat in Amsterdam to do this, but at the end of August we will lose this space and it all gets a bit more complicated. As my partner is Dutch, he will stay with his family, but I don't feel really comfortable doing that and so i will have to find a different plan. 

Since I love cycling, my idea is to combine my love of cycling and seeing parts of the Netherlands using bike and train where I can. I'll be doing a mixture of camping and couch-surfing as I go, and living the kind of pseudo-nomadic life that I dreamt of as a teenager. 

At the end of this summer I will take on my first cycle challenge as I attempt 80km from Weesp to Dordrecht in my first "bird-nesting' weekend.

Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 17.53.46.png

2024 Ronde van Nederland (1400km) over 30 days

In 2024 I'll be taking on sections of the Ronde van Nederland throughout the year to complete a full tour of the Netherlands on my bike


2026 holds promise of more challenges

I love to hike!


Together with my bestie, I will walk 321km from Oviedo to Santiago in Spain during June 2024 to raise awareness of chronic pain and raise some much needed money for charity.


2025: Camino del Norte 827km

Still in the planning phase!


2026: TBD

I'll be thinking about this next challenge!

Bikes on a Bridge
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