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Clinical Coaching

Clinical Coaching is a new way of accessing personalised and tailored support for your practice that combines education, training and therapy to help you develop and nurture your own style and uphold your ethics on the clinic floor.

Want to know more about working with me?

Why not join my free and open community The Hive with lots of resources and links to my free talks, podcast interviews and meet other clinicians that work with me

Individual Coaching

Up to six months of protected and dedicated time with me on developing and designing your practice to represent you, your knowledge and your ethics for good and effective pain care.

Individual work is no small investment.  This is an opportunity to ask your self what kind of clinician do you want to be and waht are the gaps that you need to fill to get there.

Together we will spend six months on on this journey and at the end, you will feel more congruent with your practice, emboldened to hold your autonomy in whichever setting you are in and excited to go into clinic.

What will it look like?
  • Six one-hour sessions

  • In-between support and direct line of communication with me

  • Recordings and transcripts of sessions

  • 6-months access to The Subscription

Laura red lips.jpg
Laura has this way of supporting you to understand really complex things like pain, power and privilege. 
She really grounds it the human experience and helps you figure out what this looks like in your own practice.
I've never experienced so much personal and professional change on a course before.
She really takes it slowly and walks along side you as start allowing your clinical practice to flourish and expand.

Ok, so I'm not gonna lie, working with Laura will challenge you.

She will hold you to a high standard of accountability and ethical practice, one you might not have experienced before. 


And it's totally thrilling. 

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