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The Clinical Coaching Pod

Because independent clinicians in pain care,

shouldn't mean isolated clinicians

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Dive into the Pod and find out how good clinical support can help you

Deciding to work in-line with the evidence around pain care, wahtever your professional background, can feel isolating and over-whelming. 

The reality is, there are no short cuts. There's a lot know, a lot to learn, and a whole heap of uncertainty.

The Clinical Coaching Pod brings together my experience of facilitating coaching communities, learning experiences and pain-specialised practice as a Psychologically-informed Physiotherapist and Pain Coach.

I've supported many clinicians to return from burn-out and compassion-fatigue, to open up their own specialised clinic and to pitch their next promotion on their terms (even in the NHS where promotions are not easy to get).

With kind, informed and passionate support you  might be surprised at just how much easier it is to define your practice for people experiencing pain, nurture it in-line with your integrity, ethics and the understand and integrate the wide evidence from across the landscape available to us.

🐋 The Pod 🐋 is run through one of the best community apps available which you can access online through your browser or via the app for instant messaging with other 🐋Podders🐋 and myself.

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Join other pain-interested clinicians from across the healthcare professions and around the world

Regular Group Clinical Coaching

Have your clinical needs met, feel supported and find the love and joy of working in pain care

Blogs and recorded Workshops

Develop your practice and expand your skillset at your own pace

Community Support

Independent practice shouldn't feel isolating.

Meet other clinicians in the Pod who are interested and dedicated to progressive care for people experiencing pain.

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